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Title: So...what's up?
Post by: Token on October 06, 2016, 04:23:41 AM
So since board is pretty dead, thought I'd stir up some conversation.

What has people been up to lately?
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: hfactor66 on October 06, 2016, 08:34:45 AM
Well I've been playing a lot of BO zombies lately on my PS3, but as far as goals on TSC, I'm trying to get all RA records on Sonic Rush Adventure. (aside from Deep Core, that doesn't even deserve to be an RA >_>) just need Plant Kingdom 1 with Blaze & it will be done, I'll have tied or beaten every RA record aside from Deep Core.

UPDATE: goal achieved, went ahead & did Deep Core anyway! :D 0p!

I'm also involved in the second biannual VGR Member Tournament of 2016, gonna be trying to win that. I placed third in the first biannual tournament this year & landed an interview with one of the admins/top players on VGR that got me on the front page for weeks.
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: Pokemonmaster888 on October 09, 2016, 08:04:40 PM
Nothing much on my end as far as Sonic gaming. I've been really busy in school, so I don't have much time to play video games for fun or competitively at this time. Been doing well outside of video gaming though in numerous endeavors. I visit TSC every day and always check up on the site, as it will always hold a special place in my life. Even in inactive times like this, it still sees submissions come in so it's not all bad I guess.
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: DGF on October 11, 2016, 07:19:22 PM
Pretty much on the Same Board as Pokemonaster, I still Speedrun Sonic Generations and Unleashed,but I have been dedicating most of my time to the new Blazblue game that just came out and the the combination of Work/School has been keeping me busy most the time, so i can really only play my games like 2 to 3 times a week anyways. I always come to this site every now and then to see what has changed about it, pretty everyone is on discord at this point because its a very good gaming app, this site got me into speedrunning in General, once i graduated from college, ill probably keep going at speedrunning and Blazblue for the most part though. Probably going to be going to a lot more fighting game tournaments
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: Aitamen on October 11, 2016, 10:17:29 PM
Been enjoying SA2 and Generations...  Also just found the Crush 40 cover of Sonic Boom, and briefly wondered how I existed so long without it.

Also have mostly completed a book, which I'll soon be publishing!

Aside from that, playing Story of Seasons with the wives, and have been studying finances and optimizing our savings for, we hope, early retirement.  Which sounds more boring than it is, though I guess that's not saying much.
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: theultimategamer95 on October 12, 2016, 10:56:34 AM
Ehh, nothing much going on at my end. Been doing some first playthroughs of randoms games/playing random games casually all over the place, but that's about it.

Thinking of possibly getting back into speedrunning again soon tho, as I surprisingly kinda miss it (and I've been bored af lately)...
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: SqwareEcks on October 15, 2016, 12:14:19 AM
I haven't made a significant effort at speedrunning anything in months. I've been replaying Final Fantasy 7 recently (or rather, picked up an old endgame save from years ago) and doing grinding to get a maxed-out materia and stats file. I'm one mastered Knights of the Round away from having full Master Materia sets for all nine characters (yes, nine, thank you Gameshark) and everyone's stats are all 255.

As far as Sonic games go, I've been working on a longterm project of doing longplay videos (not speedruns) involving custom music. I decided to make my own custom Sonic CD soundtrack for the PC version and after a lot of audio editing it's a reality and it works. I've also done up custom soundtracks for the PC version of S3&K that utilizes music from other Sonic games and one for an emulator plug-in for Sonic 2 I found on Sonic Retro (which has some serious bugs, unfortunately). I'd like to record them but my laptop is very old and I don't know of any free recording software that would run well on it, and it doesn't have native output to my HDTV.

Other than that I haven't had motivation to do much. I got a new job in May that's occupied a lot of my time, and I've also been in a serious bout of anxiety and depression related to the election for the past month or so. Hopefully in a few weeks I won't have to worry any more.
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: TimpZ on October 28, 2016, 04:46:12 PM
Hey Token :).

I got a job at ESL as a producer and developer so I moved to Germany and just got a contract for an apartment starting from next week! Up until now I've been living in a damn shoebox where the bed is literally on top of the bathroom and the rest is just a hallway to get to the bathroom lol. Also I've been without personal internet for soon to be 3 months now so that's really getting on my nerves...

Other than that I also lived in Wales for 2 months working as a web developer through a programme my city was offering. That was pretty cool but the lady I lived at had some crazy ideas. It started off "small" with her saying stuff about gluten and alternative medicine, but then it never stopped and she would everyday try to convince me to become a 9/11 conpiracy-moon landing hoax-antivaxxer-flat earth holocaust denier because I was "a smart boy who really should try to do more research". ...yea I'm sure all those youtube videos you're watching religiously make more sense than anything you learn in school.

I've also been an active smash player for the past 3 years. So basically since my speedrunning activity started to decline. But it's really fun and I meet so much people! Especially since I now live in Germany as a mid-20's guy with no previous contacts here it's really nice to just find 10 people on facebook and become friends.

I'd respond to more people who have posted but I only know you guys in passing so sorry but token will get all my <3<3
Title: Re: So...what's up?
Post by: Eco Kenneth Nathan on November 03, 2016, 07:43:04 PM
I have taken a very long break from TSC as well, I have been mostly busy doing chores around my house and earning a salary of 10$ every week. I don't have a job yet, it's really hard to find one these days. I have mostly been up to Sonic Unleashed 360 and Sonic Riders ZG.

My original Sonic Riders died a couple months ago so my activity there is put on delay. I also been playing games like Mass Effect & Kameo for fun. I even play my old Nintendo 64 sometimes too. My activity on Sonic Unleashed (PS2) is pretty much done too. All my runs are fair and square so they are mostly second rate here but I don't care.

My data on Sonic Riders ZG just got corrupted too, so I am working on a new one to replace it, so much bad luck has hit me lately, but I won't beat myself up for this, things will surely turn around for me. I am mostly scoping out more games I don't have at a special store near my home. My collection of games will be gigantic before I quit gaming, which will not happen for a very long time.

I don't make topics here anymore because I don't really have much going on and I don't make proper topics anyway.

Update: I started doing Sonic Unleashed 360 time attacks but I don't submit them here because they are not worthy.

I still check the incoming submissions every now and then too, so I can check competition on games I would enter stats in at another time. Since I am a basic runs gamer I will have an almost impossible time to move up the ranks in the categories of the games. Of course everyone has a different type of speed running style right?