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Sonic Nitro Adventure (FanGame)

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Story : Sonic and Tails are on a search for a mysterious emerald, But theres a big twist.

Information : I made my own engine, A few friends helped out, Also every stage will have its own music if not, It will have a remixed song, Made in multimedia fusion developer 2.

Gameplay : It's Next Gen styled, Stages are short but there will be many many stages, Also theres many mini games , Tornado and Super Sonic mini game and snow boarding etc, You don't get to choose you're charecter, You change charecters for certain stages.

Videos :

Demo :

this game will be very good! man I'm enjoying myself very much with the demo, imagine when you launch the full version! Enjoy look my video demonstration of what I did! I hope you like it!
Well hope subscribe to my channel!

Thanks, Very good run. The full version has 5 playable charecters, You don't get to choose them but you change in the story automaticly.

*NEW VIDEO* The Tornado mini game that uses my own static movement, Comment please.

Frosty Forest - NEW VIDEO, It has the best stage in the game so far with 2 supprises and read the discription god dam it.


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