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I have had this game since 1999 when it came out and loved it, but I lost it since I was such a irresponsible kid back then..but I just found the game a few days ago!

Now I remember why this game is so awesome! you not only get the original game but you get the challenge mode which is just f'ing AWESOMELY fun and adds tons of gameplay time, plus youVboo, the toy box, a picture gallery and even the lost levels! (most of them anyway)  the game does have a few flaws like the camera issue, but really that is no big deal.

To the point of this topic..I was wondering something about the scores. Is there an invisible rule that says you cannot kick a Koopa shell more than once? Cause I noticed on the N64 hs they abuse the shells(or so I assume) and get really high scores, for example 100k+ on W1-1 whereas the record on this site is 46k, which is probably done playing regularly.

Is this the case? if so that would be really awesome, cause honestly who wants to kick a shell over and over again for a high score.. that is just boring and a waste of time, playing through regularly getting combo's and doing it all quick is the fun way.

Yeah, I'm aware that koopa shell abuse leads to higher scores, but I really wasn't sure what to do about it.  It's possible to accidentally kick a shell twice, and ideally we don't want to prevent things that you'd just do by accident while playing normally.  I think this is the reason why TSC has usually allowed "point-scalping" tricks just like these.  Personally though, I don't like the idea of the (main) competition getting really repetitive.  I love playing the game normally as much as you do, and so all of my scores so far were obtained without shell abuse.

By the way, I'm fairly sure that many of the N64HS scores were done with basic repetitive shell kicking, but there's an additional trick that leads to even higher scores in some levels.  If you check out David Wonn's site, you can find an explanation of the trick:

oh, so basically you can do whatever you want but so far everybody has played the fun way and submitted that...hopefully, it will stay that way.

I'm the new SMBDX champion!!! Hehe.. not like it really proves anything :P Though it is still my first championship, whether good or bad.

I am definitely going to try to hold the championship and get all the youVSboo records, as well as some really good score records. Maybe once the levels have good records some competition will start up for the #1 spot.

Now I have all the YouVSBoo records! Not a really big accomplishment yet since a few need improvement, but I am proud of myself so far.

I think 5 of them are perfect(tied with SM) 1 may be close to perfect (1-3) and the other two need a fair amount of improvement (2-1 and 2-2)

2-2 can probably go to at least 182, and 2-1 is probably capable of somewhere between 225-235, I am going to make a little TAS of it tonight(without slowdown) and see what I get, then shoot for that on the real GBA. It should be possible to match, just tough. SM must of only tried once or twice to only get a sloooooooow 210 :P

Edit: I TAS's 2-1, and got 226! I had no idea my 223 was that close to being perfect. I think I can do 226 on the GBA, at least 225 allowing a tiny bit of error. Either will be a great record!

Edit again: Okay I guess 229 was not perfect after all cause I TAS'd a 231 with optimal falling, but 229 is still damn good, maybe I can go for 230.


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