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Nice job, some of your records look really good.  I'm mostly playing other games right now, but I could give you some occasional competition here.  I remember I had good strategies on most of the You vs. Boo levels before, but didn't get around to perfecting them or writing down my times.

thanks, I look forward to any competition that may arise from you. :) Check out all my latest times though, I believe I have finally perfected every single one, so I only have to focus on high scores now. Go ahead and see if you have a better strategy than me and beat them. :P I wouldn't be too surprised if you did, but they should hold up cause I cannot find any faster ways for any of them.

I recorded perfect runs of 1-3 and and 2-1 if you don't already have the optimal strategy for them.


These are both TAS, but after making them I was able to achieve both on the GBA without too much trouble, just takes a little bit a practice, mostly memorization..Goodluck!

I read this topic a while ago and searched around for my my old game boy games and i found it. Though the file corrupted and i had to start again, but once i get the data back, i'll be ready to face you

Bring it on! :)

Most of my scores really really suck, but I just wanted to fill them all out. I will be good at setting scores, someday...

Your scores seem good, but i've never really tried for high scores. Anyway, i'm taking my time to do the game since i'm playing SMB1 now.


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