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i call suspicion on llcooldave

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i have looked at some of his stats, and some of them are questionable. i particularly want to mention his time for gnarly in smw.

please reply with a description of your strategy or a form of media.

also i know i can't call bs just because it 'doesn't look right' but this seemed odd

Hmm, I tried this level and i could get 245 at the most. It's also videoed. Not sure about the 247, probably a new trick.

I got my 251 with a snapshot. When I did the initial run I knew that the time could be improved by 1 or 2 seconds....

But 6 seconds sounds odd, I mean with the strategy I used it's easy to get 251 and possibly a 252. I'm curious as to see what strat this guy used.

hm, i'll try a few strats and see if i could come close

I know LLCoolDave visits Speed Demos Archive often, so if I see him in the SDA chat then I'll ask him about this.  At one point he registered to the Mario Center and dropped off his SMW stats that he achieved a long time ago.  It's possible that a time was entered incorrectly by accident, or something.  I do think he was well aware of the start-without-powerups rule, though.


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