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Hello from the world master of Mario vs Donkey Kong


My stats are up on The Mario Center, now, and Mario vs Donkey Kong has a new leader here.

The scores may terrify.  I have made a name for myself over the years at Cyberscore and VGR, battling against the likes of Packattack and yoshifan on this title.  All of my proofs can be seen in this directory:

This is one of the deepest and most amazing platformer high-score games in existence.  Oh what tortuous secrets it holds...


Hey there, Prenz, welcome to the Mario Center.  Unfortunately this place is still fairly empty (even after adding NSMB Wii), so it's probably going to be some time until we see that level of competition here >_>.  Still, thanks for stopping by and submitting.

It's cool to be among other Mario and game masters here, thanks for the welcome yoshifan!


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