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« on: September 19, 2011, 05:55:19 AM »

I love video games a lot and I'm addicted to it and love to set records for games aswell.
I'm on another record sites, but googled for another one and found this :D

So I just registered and started to submit, but where can I submit my pictures on this site so I can prove them?
I also have some videos but I'm not authorized, so I posted the video link in the comments.

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Re: Hello.
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Hello, and welcome to TSC!
You won't need to show your pictures unless people doubt your times, in which case you can easily upload them on any image-hosting site like TinyPic and link to them there.
As for your videos, it's very good that you're making them. Feel free to link to them in the comments, and if you do particularly well one of the mods might authorise you and then you'll be able to upload them properly. (We normally just have the best stat vid'd, or one of the top stats at least)
But in any case, just make sure to have fun, try not to get too frustrated at the games, and don't BS :P Although I very highly doubt you will BS, considering that you've been asking how to upload proof for stats in your first post.

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Re: Hello.
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Basically what Emerl said.

We don't require you to prove every single on of your stats, we have an anti-bs system to know when you are lying about your stats. If you wish to include pictures, you may upload them to imageshack or some other iamge hosting website, and place the link within the comments section when you are submitting your stats.

Also Welcome to TMC!
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Re: Hello.
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Ok, thanks :)
I already have pictures on photobucket but I thought there was also a proof system like on other sites, I always try to prove the most, but it seems it's ok.

Also, I'm from Holland.
I forgot that to include it in my post.

EDIT: Ah, now I know how the proof system works, it's a bit different than I'm used to but it's all OK! :D
You just post the video link in the comment.
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