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Opening .giz without a rom?


So from what I read in these forums you use a rom first and then you record .giz files, and I assume use them to open said.giz files? I have this really old PC game that doesn't have a rom so I'm wondering if there's another way to open these file types without the rom.

The game takeda 1 has some beautiful artwork I'd like to open but they're all in .giz files. Sorry if I seem completely ignorant of how roms work as I have no experience using emulators

Short answer: .giz files aren't going to help you.

Long answer: What you saw us doing in the forums was using a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator called "Gens Plus!" which allowed us to record savestates and input strings for playback, which results in "videos" of ridiculously smaller file size (Since the playback is merely the savestate reloaded and the inputs reissued from there). That's obsolete now, since most current-era computers can handle screen capture.

To my knowledge, that only works with Genesis/MD and Sega Master System/ GameGear games, because that's all Gens Plus! supported.

GIZ in the context of Genesis emulators is a GIR file compressed with gzip.

I doubt the file you have has any relation, developers can name their file extensions almost anything they like.


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