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I'm hfactor66, that obscure player who comes out of nowhere and takes a random record every so often.

I started competing in late August 2014, when I submitted some old stats from Sonic Advance 3, some of which I later went on to drastically improve.

That was also when I picked up a copy of Sonic Rush from GameStop, and just a few days later, I found myself RAing it as Blaze. By the time submissions went back up in October, I had broken a few records, and tied some others, along with some other good RA stats. Then... I just stopped for a while. That was the time I was committed to the Altitude Limit boss, which is why you see me now in #2 for both characters on that boss. I pioneered the strategy for both that S&A later fine-tuned to beat me.

Props to you S&A ^^ bosses are just your thing it seems like.

In February, I made a comeback, and claimed the TSC lead in rings with Blaze. Then in late April, after finding a fix for my broken R button problem, I hit the zones again, this time as Sonic, with a new goal in mind; the TSC leadership in rings on Sonic Rush.

Over the next several weeks, I ring attacked the hell out of Sonic Rush, getting my Sonic stats up & improving several records once I had all my Sonic stats up, even my Blaze records. It was fairly time-consuming.

My biggest breakthrough came on Memorial Day 2015, when I developed a brand new Sonic route on Mirage Road 2 that allowed me to steamroll over the rest of the competition, even my own previous #1 record. It was also the day I put the last nail in the coffin on SkyLights' long-lasting lead in rings on Sonic Rush by crushing my Night Carnival 2 best and claiming the last of the 4 NC records, and in doing so, claimed the TSC Sonic lead in rings.

I play a lot of other games too, but I'm most proud of my RA journey on Sonic Rush that saw 2 Nintendo DSis give their lives along the way.

I always push myself harder when I find something I'm good at, and until I hit my limit, I won't stop.
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