Paragod's You vs. Boo 2-1 (Mario) History

Stat Rank Date Comment
206 2/3 08-30-09 first try, this record would be really hard to perfect.
214 1/3 08-30-09 SM must of not put much efford into this cause this was super easy, with lots of room for improvement. 220's are probably possible.
223 1/3 08-30-09 Very nice improvement, but I am not satisfied yet.
225 1/3 08-30-09 Nearly matched my TAS time of 226! I think the emulator runs different than the gba or something though..cause I had one kinda big mistake.
229 1/3 08-30-09 Wow! I found a new strategy, got a 229 TAS with it, went and did it on GBA and nailed the same 229! this might be perfect! Very proud of this, who'd of guessed you could perfect something like this.
230 1/3 08-31-09 I am insane! Only 1 time unit slower than my perfect TAS! I doubt anyone will get 231, but you never know...
231 1/3 08-31-09 I DID IT!! Perfection! I am insane! Well actually it was a lot easier than I thought, but wow! I did it!
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