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Competition Central / Dolphin emulator for Riders 1 competition
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:26:35 pm »
As many know, this emulator was banned for all competitions at the end of 2018. This is because it can present decisive differences in some games like Shadow The Hedgehog, however, this rule also applies to games in which emulation does not affect and this is the case of Riders 1.
I completely agree to the ban on most games, but I want it to be allowed on Riders 1 with special rules.

Most of the post-2013 Riders community play on PC, either the PC version or the GCN version in Dolphin. The reason for this division is that both versions (PC and consoles) have a minimum difference in gameplay that does not affect the times, but affects the player's comfort. This difference corresponds to the normal movement of the character (in consoles for example, when holding left, moves a little faster to the left than in PC), but again, it is simply comfort, nothing more.
There were no problems with this rule until new Riders players uploaded their times (which they had not been able to do before the ban, since the TSC register was disabled for a long time).

Riders 1 is a racing game that has a counter of 5 seconds before starting a run, therefore, it does not affect as it does brutally with Shadow The Hedgehog. In addition, the emulator is stable on decent PCs.

My request is to allow the dolphin emulator only for Riders 1 but with these conditions:
1) Stable fps.
2) All top 5 times (including ties) and Glitchless WRs must have a video of the whole run linked in the stat comment.
3) Dolphin is the only emulator allowed.

Why do this? Because a lot of the Riders community plays in Dolphin and the other has never declared to be against emulations. In Single Segments it is used without problems.

Personally, I play on PC, but I want this game to have more players and in the case of Riders, a run of a stable emulation is as legit as that of consoles / PC.

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