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Competition Central / Re: Dolphin emulator for Riders 1 competition
« on: February 28, 2019, 04:54:04 pm »
I have information that the Fordden and Masquerade runs were using Dolphin, but they must clarify it.
xXMegaManXx and I use the PC version. 100% confirmed, noticeable by the gameplay.

2 and 3) The rules have been updated to ban any emulation of GCN, PS2, XBOX, and newer consoles. (February 23)

This rule is radical, it is understandable in non-portable consoles, but what will happen with GBA and DS games?
There are no accessible capturers (only extravagant exceptions) for these consoles and many players prefer to use emulators due to the recording.
If this rule is not modified, I can only upload ASRDS videos with a shit quality.

Make portable console an exception to this rule, please. This rule ruins the gameplay, it is very different from recording a PS3. The GBA (not SP) does not even have lighting!

Competition Central / Re: Dolphin emulator for Riders 1 competition
« on: February 23, 2019, 12:12:51 pm »
I understand your reasons, a part of me agrees with you (the advanced glitches of Riders are the most difficult among the Sonic racing games by far), but this leaves me with many doubts.

1) In Dolphin is there a sure way to know if manipulation is used? Show fps help on something?

2) This is for all competition. If Dolphin is banned, why not ban all GCN emulators? Because by the current rules, I could use another one (if it is stable).

3)  In the case that the GCN emulators are banned, in the current rules I could use a PS2 or Xbox emulators for Riders. Why would these be allowed (if they were stable, I've never tried them) and not Dolphin (more stable emulator for Riders)? This question may also be valid for other games. I would recommend thinking well the emulators that will allow. You could make an official list of emulators allowed per game, for example.

4) Because nobody has noticed inaccuracies in Riders (because the game runs stable on decent PCs), why not create special rules for Riders? To prevent TAS problems, emulators are not allowed for top5 or top10 times, or something like that. The idea is that, at least, normal players (not necessarily top) can use it.

5) Recently, there are players who submitted Dolphin stats, but the category (Babylon Guardian Single Lap) is one of the best to get a good position without too much effort due to optimizations in recent years. Babylon Guardian is the simplest track in this game. What would happen to them? I request to maintain those times (in total, 3 Babylon Guardian Single Lap Races), if possible.

If TSC keeps the idea of banning Dolphin for all games without special rules for Riders, okay, I'll accept it. It does not complicate me, but you will take away the possibility for new players to participate. But I must say that there are solutions to their fears (which are understandable and I would also have them in the case of happening), such as allowing submit times non-top5 or non-top10, things that would help our community. In Riders you can play in 3 ways: Glitched (only 3 players are capable), 350 Speed (High Booster) and 250 Speed. At least, 250 Speed (and some 350 Speed) times could be submitted without problems, in the case of a non-top10. Special rules like this one is much better than nothing.

Competition Central / Dolphin emulator for Riders 1 competition
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:26:35 pm »
As many know, this emulator was banned for all competitions at the end of 2018. This is because it can present decisive differences in some games like Shadow The Hedgehog, however, this rule also applies to games in which emulation does not affect and this is the case of Riders 1.
I completely agree to the ban on most games, but I want it to be allowed on Riders 1 with special rules.

Most of the post-2013 Riders community play on PC, either the PC version or the GCN version in Dolphin. The reason for this division is that both versions (PC and consoles) have a minimum difference in gameplay that does not affect the times, but affects the player's comfort. This difference corresponds to the normal movement of the character (in consoles for example, when holding left, moves a little faster to the left than in PC), but again, it is simply comfort, nothing more.
There were no problems with this rule until new Riders players uploaded their times (which they had not been able to do before the ban, since the TSC register was disabled for a long time).

Riders 1 is a racing game that has a counter of 5 seconds before starting a run, therefore, it does not affect as it does brutally with Shadow The Hedgehog. In addition, the emulator is stable on decent PCs.

My request is to allow the dolphin emulator only for Riders 1 but with these conditions:
1) Stable fps.
2) All top 5 times (including ties) and Glitchless WRs must have a video of the whole run linked in the stat comment.
3) Dolphin is the only emulator allowed.

Why do this? Because a lot of the Riders community plays in Dolphin and the other has never declared to be against emulations. In Single Segments it is used without problems.

Personally, I play on PC, but I want this game to have more players and in the case of Riders, a run of a stable emulation is as legit as that of consoles / PC.

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