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Race Night 40: Sonic And The Black Knight

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flying fox:
I know it's race day tomorrow but I only thought of this, technically there are two goals in SBK which are:

1) Beat King Arthur 2
2) Beat the game

So chose which one and because of this I'll extend the closing time on the vote to 1pm EDT.

flying fox:

--- Quote from: HyperSonic7701 on September 06, 2013, 12:32:27 pm ---also nice goal choice on the last day FailFish

--- End quote ---

Clearly you haven't read the skype chat yet.

beat king arthur
never done the dark queen lol, and i suc k at the stage where you take blazes sacred sword :P

flying fox:
Voting has closed and the goal is Beat King Arthur 2. The race room will open around 4pm EDT and because this is around a 20 minute goal, if people want to race the full game can do so afterwards.


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