Huge "Get Yourself Speedrunning" Sonic 2 race on SRL on Saturday 31/1!

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Author Topic: Huge "Get Yourself Speedrunning" Sonic 2 race on SRL on Saturday 31/1!  (Read 3674 times)

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Since AGDQ, SpeedRunsLive have been doing a series of introductory races to get new players interested in speedrunning. The third and final of these races is taking place on Saturday January 31, and is a full-game race of Sonic 2. Details here, but the relevant part is posted below:

Game: Sonic 2
Goal: Beat the game
When: Jan. 31st, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on title screen, .done on screen fade to black after final boss.
Rules: No S&K cart. Zips allowed. Stage select allowed to return to your last stage.
Stage select: At the title screen, select Options. Highlight Sound Test then play the following music and sounds: 19, 65, 09 and 17. You will hear a ring-collecting sound for correct code entry. Then press START to return to the title screen. Highlight 1-Player, hold the A Button and press START.

The last two races in this series had 140 and 300 racers respectively, so this is probably going to be the biggest race of any Sonic game we've ever seen. Come and join in! You just have to be in the SpeedRunsLive IRC (server, #speedrunslive) to join on race day.

See you there!

<3 Thorn.

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Re: Huge "Get Yourself Speedrunning" Sonic 2 race on SRL on Saturday 31/1!
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2015, 09:05:57 pm »
If I didn't have so much gorram packing to do I'd be SO ON THIS. Even though I'm super out of practice and CN (and probably Metropolis) will probably murder me. (And OO if I can't do the spindashes right.)
<Tails> also "GET BLUE SPHERES" on a black-and-white TV remains the best special stage of all time

<Achlys> wat ave you done!
<Spinballwizard> apparently killed your h key

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