Sonic Adventure 2 (B)

Level Division Guide Order Asc Writer
Guide shadowblast63
Radical Highway Mission 1 (Alternate) Shortcut GogetaEX
Metal Harbor Mission 3 30 second time Cyan Ryan
99 Lives SadisticMystic
Flying Dog Dark Boss PsyBorg
Total Bug explanation SadisticMystic
Chao twilightL
Egg Golem Hero Egg Golem Help Rayku
Glitch Rayku
glitch sonicboom xyz
Metal Harbor Mission 1 Glitch Brian_pso
Green Forest Mission 1 Glitch Brian_pso
Radical Highway Mission 1 Glitch GogetaEX
glitches ieatatsonic
Guide Rayku
Total Mission 3 Handicap quest SadisticMystic
Total Mission 1 Hunting guide SadisticMystic
Metal Harbor Mission 1 Low Score SadisticMystic
Final Chase Mission 1 Max rings SadisticMystic
Metal Harbor Mission 1 Max rings SadisticMystic
Crazy Gadget Mission 1 Max Rings Psyknux
Crazy Gadget Mission 5 Max Rings Psyknux
Cannon's Core Mission 1 Non-freestyle time SadisticMystic
Radical Highway Mission 1 Radical Highway Shortcuts SuperSonic101
Route 280 Mission 2 Restart glitch SadisticMystic
Iron Gate Mission 1 Rings Ring Rush
Sky Rail Mission 1 Rings Ring Rush
Cosmic Wall Total Score RPGnutter
Total Total Score Dawid8404
Total Total Scores mike89
City Escape Mission 1 Scores Low
Speed theenglishman
speed crazy_kitty777
Cannon's Core Mission 1 speed/glitch SadisticMystic
Eternal Engine Mission 1 speed/shortcut SadisticMystic
Metal Harbor Mission 1 Time Paragod
Final Rush Mission 1 Time Attack Zealous
City Escape Mission 1 Time Attack Paragod
Crazy Gadget Mission 1 Time Saver XXIceDarknessXX
Trick Brian_pso
Total Total Version Differences SadisticMystic
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