How to get 1:44

Time Attack - How to get 1:44

Submitted by Paragod

First off, required things:

-Luck, and more luck.

-Bounce Attack- To do the rails quickly, you'll get 1:58 or worse otherwise.

-Light dash is optional, NOT having it can make the rails in the beginning easier, but overall it doesn't matter much, this guide will assume you have it.


Not much to explain here, just hit every ramp without hitting any cars. If you jump as late as possible on the ramp you'll go abit farther, but it's not that important, just beware on the second ramp if you go to far you won't have enough time to adjust for the next 2 turns.

You should always hit the ground before 0:28, maybe a 26.9 if you were very lucky, but I usually get 27.5 so it doesn't matter much.

Charge a spindash and go up the stairs, then hit B+A really fast to land at optimal speed(this part is tough if you suck at hitting 2 buttons fast like me, but it works.)

Spindash down the hill and turn right without hitting the wall, all the way up the stairs and use a homing attack to land by the boxes.

Bounce attack the boxes to break them quickly, then pause for about 0.8 seconds before you do a homing attack or there's a good chance you'll attack the robot(he sucks)

To grind the rails it's easiest to bounce attack the tip(This part is somewhat luck if you have the Light dash, because he usually light dashes the rings which results in a slow momentum down the first rail)

jumping to the second rail is much easier, just bounce attack at the tip(I've never accidently light dashed the second rail)

Jump the boost thing and then try to hit the next rail on your left with a homing attack to get to the checkpoint. To be on pace for a 1:44, hit the check at 37.6 or less(my best is only 37.2, I think 36 can be done)

From the checkpoint hit the boosts(If you use checkpoint abuse, then simply roll from the checkpoint after you die)

Right as you hit the first boost going down the hill, do a spin dash and you'll have massive speed. To keep that speed up, Charge a spindash about as you hit the flat part of the road, then let it go(avoding the ramp) and you'll continue to go fast. Do at again here and aim to the right, and you'll go really fast (It takes practice here to learn when to time the spindashes and not hit the cars, but it gets easy pretty fast) Go to the right to run up the stairs, and jump/homing attack to land on the next set of stairs.

You should land on the stairsd at a high 45. Use a spindash to kill the enemy, and then quickly use a B+A bounce attack to land, then hit the B button to do a light dash- then charge another spindash. All of this is done pretty quick, with no pauses.

Use the spindash trick on this road as you turn left(keeps up your speed and eliminates ALOT of luck) and line up with the yellow line so you can be ready for the next rail. Hit the rail at the tip to get max speed, then do your best to get past the robots WITHOUT slowing down or hitting anything then jump over the fence past the stairs.

To be on track for a 1:44 you should have crossed the fence at a high 0:57. Once you get near the robot charge a spindash and point to the ramp on the right, then do B+A bounce to start running towards it. try to jump off the right tip edge of the ramp, and you should land in the grass,then run/jump off and bounce attack down the building. This part is very tough, I can't even consistantly do it, also there seems to be alot of luck involved.

While falling hold down and right to prepare for the landing, SOMETIMES, sonic will take up the whole screen while falling, i'm not sure why but if he does then he falls alot faster, about 4.5 seconds to fall instead of 6.

Homing attack once the camera changes to land, you should land at mid- 1:09,(my best is 1:08 but I screwed up later)

Spindash up the stairs, you can either land using A+B bounce or just a homing attack, both are pretty equal for the most part. Spindash jump the gap(Carefully avoding the flying enemy in the process) landing by using a homing attack. Once your in the doorframe thing by the robot, line up with the right of the rail, Do a spindash then hit left and try to bounce attack near the top of the rail. If done correctly you should have near max speed, and the robot should be left unharmed. you know how to do the rails by now so do them, and then fly off the end by to hit the checkpoint. (For some unknown reason sometimes you'll hit the bar instead and it ruins the run, i'm not sure why it happens but just start over.

For a 1:44 you should hit the check at a high 1:22/ low 1:23 (I had a 1:44 with a 123.2 check but missed the goal, and i'm sure a 1:22 check is possible)

A cool trick I discovered on my own here, before you roll into the truck part try to line up slightly left of the boost but not to far that you won't go through, if done corretly you'll just run straight down instead of flying off had you just went in the midle.

It might be tricky to pull off at first, but with practice you should get it 75% of the time.

From here I don't think there's any right or wrong way to do the truck section, other than obviously always be in a ball because it's 3 times faster atleast.

If you hopefully didn't fly off any hills during the truck(or 1 at the most) you should hit the goal with 1:44. 1:42 could happen with a good run and perfect ending, but I doubt it would happen.

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