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Sky Rail 1 rings....this mission is dreaded for its random alcoves with rings and tricky backtrack. I was scared to begin this level, and it ended up being one of the last mission 1 RAs I did. However, this level is a lot easier than it first seems. Just try to get a good score, and than come back to this guide for the rings you are missing.
As is proper in all levels where you must backtrack, a summary on checkpoint manipulation must be given. Here are the rewards you get if you hit a checkpoint with a certain ammount of rings:
If you have anywhere from 20-39 rings you will get a 5 ring bonus.
If you have anywhere from 40-59 rings you will get a 10 ring bonus.
If you have anywhere from 60-79 rings you will get a 20 ring bonus.
Sky Rail has 3 checkpoints. Doing a bit of math shows that the max you can get from those checkpoints is 40 - two 10s and a 20. So that is what we are going to get. That is why we need to backtrack, so we can get the maximum rings from all checkpoints and still get all the rings we missed.
367 Rings in Sky Rail Mission 1 (Gamecube)
Start out by collecting the 6 rings on the rail you land on. Immediately rail jump to the left, to collect 6 more rings, bringing your total to 12. Stop in front of the springs on the platform you land.
Now you are going to have to do a high bounce on the spring. Hold A as you are going up and you will go higher than normal. Land on the platform above with the lone ring (13). From here, spindash-jump to the 10 capsule you see in front of you (or just take rising spring, but spindash jumps will be needed later on. If you can't perform them, practice before attempting 367 again.) You should now have 23 rings.
Remember where you got the light attack? Go there for 8 more rings. You should be at 31. Jump off the right side of the platform, making sure to steer clear of the enemy. Than take the spring and ride the left rail for 3 more rings (34). Jump on the metal platform to the left, carefully walk to the end, and take the spring. Hold down-right after you hit the capsule at the peak of your jump to land safely on the platform behind you. Hit the first checkpoint for 10 rings. You should be at 57. If not, try taking the jump again, because you may sometimes miss one ring.
Take the left rail in front of you until you see a capsule pass on the right. Than you must rail jump to the right rail afterwards. Stay on the right rail and land on the platform in front of you, not the rails. From here you will need to get to the top of the mountain without getting any rings. There are many ways of accomplishing this, but the easiest way is to spindash jump into a spring on a platform above where you are standing. When you are at the top, hit checkpoint 2. You should have 67 rings.
Take the left rail and climb up the left side of the next hill. Get the three loose rings on the ground and the 5 capsule soon after, bringing you to 75. Hit checkpoint 3 on top of the hill for 95. Get the 8 loose rings around you (103) and now it is time for one of the hardest backtracks in the game.
Look out towards where you came and you should see a pumpkin monolith somewhat close to where you are. You are going to have to do a long and well angled spindash jump to get on top of it. Once on the monolith, survey the surrounding area until you find the closest monolith. Spindash jump onto that one. Once again, jump to the closest monolith, making sure to avoid the spring. Grab the 8 rings on the new monolith. Than take the spring and grab the 3 capsules where you land. You should now be at 141. Now its time to board the rail.
Jump and homing attack the nearby capsule (146) and angle yourself so you are going up the rail. There is not much advice I can give you to get back to Pumpkin Mountain. The safe, but slow way is to repeatedly jump going a bit backwards each time. This gets harder to do on the hills of the rail, but it is possible. The faster way that I prefer, is to jump and air dash, sliding as far as you can, then repeat. For this you will have to watch out more for curves in the rail, as accuracy is much harder. However you choose, go back all the way until you get to the second checkpoint.
Go over to the ancient shrine and play the mystic melody. Light dash through the new ring trail, and than take the rising spring up. Get the 6 rings on the next platform, and than go up yet again (168). Up here, hit the 10 capsule, than go left hugging the inside wall as to not get hit by the spikes or enemies. Get perpendicular to the next 10 capsule you see, and than quickly run out to get it, and than jump off the side of the mountain (188). The screen should change as you fall so you can see where you land. Take the spring up and get off the rail you land on.
Now its time for the final part of the backtrack. Spindash-jump backwards and land on the rail behind you. Stay on the left rail and backtrack up until you get 6 loose rings and a 10 capsule (204). You may then either choose to go all the way up the rail to the checkpoint 1, and take the right rail down; or rail jump to the right now and than turn around after hitting the 10 capsule (214). Regardless of which you choose, take either rail back after you get 214 rings...the backtrack is over.
Once you land on the next platform, take the right rail down, making sure to jump off before you fly off the edge. Then take the spring up (226). Go to the end of this new platform (rising spring side) and jump off into oblivion....in which a platform appears at the last moment. Remember to hug the wall, as the platform will not extend out very far. It is a bit safer to be a fair ammount backwards from the spring to do it, but I normally get screwed up by the enemy if I do that. Once down here get the two capsules (256).
Take the rising spring up and go to the top of the mountain. Take either rail to church mountain, but remember to jump and homing attack the capsule in the air at the end (266). Avoid the enemy as you fall and get the capsule close to the edge of the platform you are on (271). Go up the left side until you get to the chao box. Jump over to that platform. From here, spindash jump around the hill to the spring on the right.
Go to the edge of the platform, avoiding the rails. Jump down and take the rising spring until you see an alcove in the wall with two capsules. Jump over to it for 10 rings and a life, bringing your total to 281. From here, jump back to the rising spring. There are some weird physics that sometimes happen when you get too close to the enemy above you, and you don't want to die now. I suggest jumping over to the platform with the two small rails on your left as soon as you get high enough. From there, make your way to the top of the hill up the left side.
I lied earlier, there is still one rail backtrack left. However, it is a very small one. Take the right rail in front of you slowly, until you get six rings (287). Than go back up the rail a very short distance and you will see a capsule floating in a void off to your left. Switch to the left rail, jump off it, homing attack the capsule, and than land on the rail in front of you. (297)
As you go over the next bump in the rail you will see two more capsules floating off to the left. Homing attack one, than the other, and then make sure you land with good speed. You will immediately go into a jump where you must land on a 20 capsule. If you miss it, backtrack up a small hill in the rail and jump near the top to gain large height (you must use the air dash method for this to work). From this height, grab the capsule. You should have 327 rings.
Continue the rail and fall down at the end onto a low platform with 5 rings and a spring (332). Spring back up, avoiding the skulls shooting fire, and get the 20 capsule near the rising spring (352). Look off to the left and you'll see a capsule at the end of a metal rod. Get it for 10 rings (362). At the top of the hill break the iron box and grab the 5-capsule (367). Now just go for the goal, there are no enemies in your way (but there is a fire-skull, watch out for it). When you reach the final ring, cheer, double check that you actually have 367, breathe a sigh of relief, and than submit your new record.
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