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Submitted by Paragod

Metal Harbor Mission 1 (Sonic)
Target Time Ranks:

Total n00b: 1:40
Rising newcomer: 1:32
Intermediate: 1:25
Advanced: 1:20
Pro: 1:16
Better than Me: 1:13.66
God: 1:12

1:13 Strat -

As the level starts hold right for a bit until you (almost) hit the right wall but not quite, then as soon as you can control sonic do a spindash then press B again to cancel it for max speed as you hit the first ramp.

(The reason for holding right at the very beginning is because if you don't, sometimes you will fly over the boosts after the ramp which wastes time and gets annoying, this way it never happens.)

Watch and enjoy as sonic flies through the air while his hair goes crazy, after you hit the boosts and go up the loop jump off while your about halfway up it and aim to the right, and use a bounceball+homing attack to land with minimal wasted time.(PRACTICE) Spindash as soon as you land and try your best to loop around the turn without wasting time right into the next ramp.

(From nw on bounce ball+homing attack is now known as the "B+A" technique)

After you land wait a little bit before you spindash, about half a second. if you do it too soon theres a chance you will fly off the hill here which wastes tons of time. After doing a (successfull) spindash, jump once then bounce ball twice really fast a little bit before you touch the springs and aim to the left, you should see a platform which you must bounce once on once as well then homing attack onto the platform you see then do a quick light dash. This part is hard at first, but it gets easy after a couple tries.

You will land on the next platform with a ton of enemies hovering before you, line it up so you are to the right of the first enemy(or else you might hit him) then spindash and jump, you can't make it all the way to the next platform, but you can get by with just homing attacking the very last enemy of the chain, and then homing attack to the platform from there. Light dash the chain of rings, and be sure to not touch the control stick at all after you finish the chain so you won't fly up as high which wastes abit of time.

When you land spindash into the first boost, then just do rapid spindashes as fast as you can as you aim into the other boosts, eventually making it to the chain of rings which you know to lightdash, hitting the checkpoint at 22.3-23.5 if you want a 1:13.

Spindash as soon as possible from where you end up from the lightdash, and try to cut to the right and land to the left of the boost pad thing, if you hit the boost you won't get 1:13. Immediately charge a spindash and jump to the left skipping the weird upward thingy, and homing attack to land near the ramp. Quickly jump before you hit the ramp(unless you like wasting 2 seconds) and homing attack again to land before the first pulley tower.

Okay this part can be tough, I think it can potentialy save a whole second from the alternative route though, but its really tough, on my run I think i only saved about 0.6

Do a super bounce ball by spindashing then immediately bounce balling, what you are aiming for here is to make it all the way to the top of the tower(where the "secret" ring would be on the second tower) and you have to time a perfect homing attack right as you line up with the very top of it to land on top with lots of speed to not waste time. The instant you homing attack you have to kinda spin the stick and circle around so you don't fall off, then charge a spindash and try to aim the control stick down/left so you can homing attack into the downwards ramp with the boosts. Spindash from here and jump off mid-section of the loop and land with a B+A homing attack like you did at the very beginning, hopefully landing far enough so you can spindash down the hill without flying off blowing your shot at 1:

Once you pass the little upside down V section land as fast as you can with B+A again, then charge a spindash and loop to the right , press B to cancel the spindash and HOLD down the b button right as you would about to be stopped by the rolling part, if you timed it right you will warp right through and instantly be charging a spindash which saves alot of time compared to rolling and then spindashing. Spindash all the enemies and land by the checkpoint, don't homing attack to land or you will probably go on a homing attack spree on all the enemies and the 10-ring box wasting lots of time. You have about a second before the rocket comes out anyway after you land so take your time as you get close to it, don't want to go running into the water do you?

To be on pace for 1:13, Hit the checkpoint at about 40.5

Okay now for the hard part. Well maybe its not hard, but theres a lot of luck involved(Not probability luck, but just the fact its impossible to do it every time) Personally on average I can only do it 1 in 5 runs, so if you want 1:13 you HAVE to be consistant at the rest of the level and have the motivation to keep playing until you get it. If it takes you 100 tries just to get to the last check at 40 seconds, the odds of you getting a 1:13 are REALLY low, especially if you get nervous.

Okay its about time I explained what the heck to do here lol. Okay after you take the rocket you'll land on the yellow walk way, do a fast homing attack and go to the first octagonal area you see, try to go all the way to the left side of it and charge a spindash, point yourself to the right side of the octagon and let that spindash go and immediately do a bounce ball(super bounce ball!) and if luck is on your side for the particular run, you will actually bounce high enough(while not hitting the ceiling above you) to homing attack over to the rocket lever, probably hitting it at about 12.7 on the countdown if you pull it off well. (potentially 1.5 seconds than the Cybrax 11.50 method)

(Don't you love how "missle launch..... FIRE!" is instant? I think it makes the speedrun alot cooler if you decide to make a movie of it.)

Once the rocket launches press the A button alot and you will fall off quicker, simply board to the end not caring if you hit the ring boxes or not, and jump off the right side of the loop(At mid-point, like every other loop) and homing attack your way to the goal. This part is suprisingly easy to mess up and waste a second if you don't practice it, I still mess up alot on it.

Now, if you put some hours of practice into it and you don't mess up, you will hit the goal at 1:13! congratulations, you got a lower decimal 1:13 than I did of course though, right? ;)
Running the harbor... in 1 Minute 12 seconds??

Ive been thinking about 1:12 for a bit, and I really do believe it is a godly time. Not that it takes a god to do it(A person could!) but lets look at it this way.

At the part after the pulley towers i'd say I could of jumped out of the loop a little sooner and B+A'd a little quicker as well, which could probably save 0.5s

Then theres the rocket, I almost always get 12.7, but one time on Mission 5 I got 13.x, thats 0.3s. But can you imagine how much luck that would take? considering you would have to do the whole level without messing up, optimizing every single part, then hope that you get a perfect rocket.. and nail a good ending without tearing your house down in the process.

Heck I felt 1:13 was an awesome run that i'll never be able to do again let alone top it, prior to it my best last-check was 41.1 and the run was 0.6 faster than that which made me go omgomg theres no way ill nail the rocket... and I did..... Yeah, the last jump to the goal was really really scary.

So therefore, I really doubt anyone is going to feel like putting the effort into the (human) perfection that is 1:12 Metal Harbor 1. 1:13 only requires average skill to achieve(Seeing as im overall an average gameplayer thats proof enough) this level is just luck and determination, if you ask me.

If it is achieved, I have every right to call you insane, you totally deserve that #1 spot and I can almost guarantee 1:12 will never be achieved twice, so enjoy your perma-record.

IF you do get it, you were taping, right?


(I'd still beleive you unless your some random guy, but it would be an awesome video to see)
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