Radical Highway Shortcuts -

Submitted by SuperSonic101

Here is a quick list of all the major shortcuts in radical highway:

1. After checkpoint 1, somersault under the cylinder. Fire a spindash, and at the bottom of the slope, jump off to the left side. Hold forward, and try to land on the area below.

2. Right after the first shortcut, home attack the bumper and hold the A button. You should go flying higher in the air, and at the peak of your height home attack onto the upper path.

3. This one is the hardest to pull off because of the camera. After checkpoint 2, spindash down the slope and jump off to the right at the bottom. Fall all the way down, and attempt to hit the bumper that is all the way down there. Then grind down the two sets of rails. This is a major timesaver, but it's quite difficult to pull off because of the camera.

Have fun until next time.

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