Sub 1:05

Egg Golem Help - Sub 1:05

Submitted by Rayku

Alright, at the very beginning is the hardest. Most know that if you press A, you can just start from the very beginning instead of having to wait and stuff. This is the hardest part of it. At the very beginning, start by spindash-running to the right. If you get it fast enough, you'll be able to start the climb to the head. This is difficult because you have to be so fast. Bounce on the bottom platform, bounce again onto the next, and at the top, home attack the 3 little things on the edges on the next 3, following with the head. you should get the first hit in within 8 seconds. Continue this pattern, but don't just keep trying to spindash-run back. He'll keep up with you, and it's very difficult.

Now, if he starts his little circle sweep thing, restart. That loses like 5-6 seconds, so the whole thing is worhtless now. It's all basically luck that you have to depend on, because you have to want what he's going to do. I got 1'04 when he did his little double hand headbutt thing. (he did that all but one time, the last being the thing where he pounds the ground with both his hands seperately)

So, all in all, the main thing to get sub 1'10 is that first hit you get in. If you don't get that, the max you could probably get is something like 1'08. So go beat me, I don't want something like that as a site record =P
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