Pumpkin Hill

Glitch - Pumpkin Hill

Submitted by Rayku

Yes. All players that care are asking 'How the hell did he get 20 seconds Pumpkin Hill 3?! That's poppicosh!'

Well Rayku and SM and SS101 are the only ones that know (I think?) and I'll be the one telling. It's really quite simple, and I'll probably regret telling as my records in Pumpkin Hill will get pwned, but anyway, on with the shortness of the 'guide'

It works in all modes, so I guess that's a good thing. Here's whatcha do:

From the beginning (or anywhere, rather) fly to the very edge of the level (where you get turned around.) Turn back around toward the wall that turns you around, and drive. You'll fly upwards, then drive again. You'll die. As soon as Knuckles is invisible to sight, fly again. You'll restart the level, but this time be SOARING upwards ;o;o;o;o! oh my goshers it's SO hard! This works in all treasure hunter levels with ends to the level that turn you around. Let the pwnage of Rayku begin!
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