Iron Gate 3

Guide - Iron Gate 3

Submitted by Rayku

Alright, SS101 has been bugging the hell out of me to get this one, and even though there's really NO strat to it, I'll put it up anyway. Pushy pushy...

Alright, this'll be short. You go through the level as normal until you get to the 2nd check, which should be about 25-26 seconds. get through the door okay, and shoot the box to the spring right in front of you. Hit the spring, get the the MM thing, yada yada. Get to the OTHER MM, and this is (I guess) where I got a bit creative. And we all know from yoshifan that being creative helps. Now, on your way to the MM shrine, don't destroy anything. The second you get to play the MM, a robot dude should hit you. The MM will still be played, and you'll land right on the spring. Hover past 2 of the platforms, onto like...the top one or something. Continue as you would normally. This is how I got 1'03
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