Tails 2 in 0\"14\"57

Speed - Tails 2 in 0\"14\"57

Submitted by theenglishman

Many of you have probably been wondering how I managed to get 0'14"57 on Tails 2, a boss once considered to be unbreakable at 18 seconds. Personally, I never understood how when I played it, and eventually I developed a strategy through the video that I had recorded of my time. It’s only for the bravest at heart, so jump on the bandwagon if you think you can do it. (this guide has been revised for new strategies, however due to big mistakes in various runs I am unable to beat my previous time).

The first trick is a little bug right at the beginning. It’s never worked for me, but it will definitely help you beat my time if you do. Just before the opening fade-in, hold up-right and tap B like a madman. For a fraction of a second before the typewriter intro, you can actually fire on Tails! Most of the time, I just miss, but it might be possible to hit him and save major time. You can’t hit him again for the next couple of seconds while he shouts at you.

Now, when the fight starts, you should perform a tricky little move I like to call the triple-tap. Lock on Tails, then lock on the canister, then shoot Tails again, one after the other. You’ll be able to get a missile hit, a Volkan cannon hit and a nitro hit all in one maneuver. While you’re doing this, run in a curve to the right and then back. When you’re finished the triple-tap, keep firing at Tails constantly.

If you did it right, Tails’ health bar should be ½ of ¾ empty by the time he activates his death ray, around 9-10 seconds. Make sure that you are close to Tails when he does this, or else he will use his multi-missile attack. If he does, RESTART, because the next trick won’t work unless he uses the death ray.

Now here’s where you start the really creative tricks. When Tails uses his death-ray, he stays in one spot until he’s finished, even if you hit him with a missile or punch him…punch him? Yes! The punch is of course the most damaging weapon in Eggman’s arsenal. So when Tails starts his death-ray, walk up just to the side of Tails and punch him like mad. If you use the Missiles in between that’s even better. A few extra seconds for Tails to die and you did it!

If you pulled it off right, you should get somewhere between 14 and 17 seconds. Try beating 0'14"57!
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