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Submitted by RPGnutter

Right, I'm writing this as both Missions, anything thats just for Mission 5 at any point will be *surrounded by asterisks*, such as where there are extra enemies or some such.

Before we start, if you take the time to collect every point in the level, its much more point-effective than to finish in say 8:30 and get a minimal time bonus. As long as you finish in under 15:00:00, your run is valid.

Up to Checkpoint 1

Lock onto the capsule/s in front of you, hover up and get all the locks ons you can while hovering up to the next platform.

Using the enemies here and 2 on the platform above, you can get Perfect from the lock-ons.

Carry on round just generally smacking up as many lock-ons as possible, Its possible to get an Awesome up here, possibly higher, grab all the Rings.

Go up and grab the Rings by the weight, and get a Perfect from the hornet+whirly green things (WGTs) on the platform above.

Go up and combo the enemies at the top of the weight and on the platofmr just above. Up this next section is a FIELD of lock-ons. If you dont get 2 Perfects out of all the shootable stuff up there, you did something wrong D: Carry on up and round after wasting everything, being even more cautious of the long tendrils of the AC's on M5.

Grab all the rings and lock onto the 5 beetles. Hit the checkpoint for +20 rings/+200 Points.

Up to Checkpoint 2

Make your way up these platforms, try and combo the AC's, WGTs and Hornets for maxxx points.

And then you run straight and your at the check. Short segment.

Up to Checkpoint 3

And now we take a detour, hover up to the platform ahead and then hover to the right and go up the Mystic Melody path. Blow up the meteora (hooray, 20 points, and combo the 3 enemies at the top and get the extra life and smash up the pyramid. We just earned 520 Points. Yay.

Drop back down to the main path and jump up, combign the AC and the beetles, grab the rings and head up the spring.

Make your way up this verticle section, combo EVRERYTHING you can reach with the lock-on laser. Its helpful to lock onto enemies on a lower platform, then use a spring to get height and spin the thumbstick for extra lock-ons.

When you get to the top, ONLY lock onto the 10 enemies floating in the air to begin with; Dont try and fall for the 11th lock on, as the 10 above fall out of range.

Hit the cehck and receive your Lightning Shield.

Up to Checkpoint 4

Finally, we come to a part that yields LOTS of Points.

First things first, and thanks to SM for this information, the cannisters along the path dont give a set amount of points: they just give you points infintly until there out of the visplane. Lock on and shoot early, no fancy comboing here, until your past the section with cannisters.

**In Mission 5 there are a few AC's on the rail itself. Crashing into them is VERY bad so make sure you take them out, losing a Perfect bonus just because you fired too late SUCKS big time.**

Lock onto the beetles just before the curve, then be prepared to smack the cannisters about a bit. You'll turn another corner, then smack some more about. After this, just combo up EVERYTHING in sight, shouldn't be too challenging. After the rail the Checkpoint is directly ahead.

Up to Checkpoint 5

Yay another vertical climb. Make sure you get a Perfect from the Hornet and AC in the bottom of this room.

When you get to the drop, combo the enemies in 'groups' EG. The two at the top, land on platform and grab the 4 capsules. Smack up the lower two, or they fall out the visplane and you lose the lock ons. Land at the bottom and hit the check, shortly after getting a Perfect from the Hornet and the WGT's.

Up to Checkpoint 6

Jump the next platform and combo the beetles+AC's. From this point on, caution is good. Taking a hit and losing your Perfect Bonus is VERY undesireable.

Shortly afetr this, we meet the uber 1337 ORANGE WHIRLY THINGS (OWTs). These are no different from WGTs but provide 2 lock ons a piece. Just get 12x up here, as the 1x on its own after the 11 wont be worth anything and hit the switch to suspend the weight. Proceed up and smash a few meteors (20 points each) and combo the enemies over the large void. As well as the two AC's that float past shooting at you, and get ready to enter the 3rd and final vertical climb.

Hit the spring at the bottom and jump onto the black crates. Jump and hover and whirl the thumbstick like crazy, letting go of B when you begin to descend. This'll give you a Perfect, or it should atleast X) Just make your way u to the top and use the springs and hovering to get maxxx combo's.

Again, in the drop at the top, get the enemies in the format of 'Top 2/Bottom 2' as they drop off the visplane, sadly.

Hit the check and hop onto the railcar thingy.

To the Goal Ring!

There are LOTS of cannisters here. Aim backwards as you go down the slope to get the cannisters behind you, and get an 11 combo as you get to the loop. Aim off to the left and aim for the cannister,s, although this is tricky. Get the 3 cannisters straight after the loop and aim to the left to get the canisters ahead. Lastly smash the 6 cannisters just over the incline. Combo the enemies just after here.

Now were in the final tunnel, were stuck with the Score displayed now if were outside the time bonus (which we should be) aren't we? Wrong. If you let the Weird Machine Thing in the tunnel get close enough to you, you can lock onto its spikes. Odd. Anyway, do so a few times for an extra 1K or something similarly small, before you exit the tunnel and fall across the Goal Ring. Voila! Mission beated with a huge Score!

Happy Blasting!
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