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The Gold Beetle is invaluable to score attackers here at TSC. An additional 1000 points can never be scoffed at - even if it's out of the way it's worth the equivalent of 50 seconds. In other words, it's always worth getting.

Many people have wanted a comprehensive list of the locations of these point-intensive creatures, but as far as we know no such list exists. I intend to make the first comprehensive list of all Gold Beetle locations.

Mission 1: The first Gold Beetle of the game is an easy one. After the third section of downhill road (the one with the ramp that leads to speed shoes), you will come to a section consisting of winding stairs and a rail running through the middle. Hit the spring above and land on the rail, take it to it's end and run up the ramp. The Gold Beetle is now in front of you.
Mission 5: After the LONG run down the side of the building, run past the stairs, hit the beetle and light dash across the gap. As you enter the next section of winding stairs, the Gold Beetle appears.

Mission 1: From the start, go up the wind tunnel and go left to the sphinx head. Run around its left, past the black crushing block and the Gold Beetle will appear.
Mission 5: Currently unknown...

Mission 1: An obvious one. It appears to your right as you ascend towards the stretch to the final checkpoint - but watch out for the swooping beetles above you.
Mission 5: Same area, but moved a little to the left.

Mission 1: After the first light dash (or the set of springs, depending which way you went) you come to a pit with many beetles above it. After you hit the fourth one, hold back and left and hit the one behind you. Hit another one, then the life, then the Gold Beetle which just appeared.
Mission 5: One of the few levels where the Gold Beetle's location doesn't change.

Mission 1: After the first checkpoint, you go around a loop and into a blue launching ramp. Run forwards and three enemies will drop down. Attack them all and then hit the Gold Beetle on the right (and 30 rings after that).
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: From the start, take the rocket to Ghost Train Mountain. Glide over to a platform with a circular top and an enemy. It should have two outer platforms - stand on the one without a switch and the Gold Beetle will appear. Note that as far as I know, this is Dreamcast-only.
Mission 5: Same place, and DC-only again.

Mission 1: As you make the ascent to the first checkpoint, it's over to the left. Shoot it from the second highest of the moving platforms.
Mission 5: Make a similar ascent to the final checkpoint. Grab onto the pulley and it appears when you reach the top.

Mission 1: From the start, move forward and left towards the corner and the Gold Beetle will appear.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: Just before the first checkpoint, go left and take the alternate path with a few additional rings. Grab the pulley to take you back up, and the Gold Beetle appears.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After the third checkpoint you go through a couple of loops and off a launch ramp. Hit the springs as you land, hold A to ascend higher, and hit the Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: Same area, but a little further right.

Mission 1: From the start, go right and dig into the painting. Then go right and launch a missile into the cages on the other side. As you approach the hourglass, the Gold Beetle will appear.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: Towards the end of the level is the part where you float across the pit. Pass the platform in the middle of nowhere and the Gold Beetle is to your left.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: From the start, run clockwise to the platform marked 0-2. Use the rock on 0-2 to crack open the box standing on it, then the one just beside it. Stand where that box was and the Gold Beetle will appear.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After the LONG light dash chain, go right and jump on the rail. Follow it to its end, and the Gold Beetle appears on the left.
Mission 5: Jump on the same rail, but jump off as it begins to curve. The Gold Beetle should appear as you make that curve.

Mission 1: After the first checkpoint, you come to a VERY long rail. At it's end, just before the springs, jump off to the right onto another long rail. Take this rail to its end, and jump off it at the end for trick points. Homing attack this next rail, and jump near the top. You should get enough height to reach the Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: Stay on the first of the two slowly descending elevators, and stand on the right and close to the front. The Gold Beetle will appear near the end of the descent.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: From the start, go to the top of the level and take the path to the Chao. Instead of going through the Mystic Melody warp, however, use a Screw Kick in the back-right corner of the room to take out the Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: Currently unknown...

Mission 1: Past the second checkpoint, on one of the small platforms stands a Chao box. Knock over the pillar next to it, and take out the Gold Beetle which appears as you approach the next corner.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After the second checkpoint, you go around two loops. Hit the first ramp, jump off the horizontal bar at the right time, then do it again to land on a set of moving platforms. Climb up them, take out the beetle set and hit the springs to be confronted with the Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: Closing in on the home stretch, the horizontal bars used for an easy ascent have disappeared. Instead, hit the Gold Beetle to easily reach the moving cylinders to ascend.

Mission 1: From the start, run around the level clockwise. Past the Mystic Melody room, past a few tunnels, and arrive in the green room. Keep going around, and you reach a room blocked off by boxes. Ideally, you want to dodge the ghost and pick up the Gold Beetle in quick time, but it sticks around for long enough not to matter.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After the outside section (where you could go towards the Mystic Melody), you go through a small room and outside again. After the three Hornet enemies, stand on a slowly moving platform and it will move down to the Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: It's still on the same descent, but in a slightly different place.

Mission 1:
Mission 5:

Mission 1: An easy one. Jump on the pulley to go up to the top level, and it will appear on the way up. Jump off and take it out.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After taking the last vine in the level, you will run towards an enemy and the appearing Gold Beetle.
Mission 5: Same place, but it's harder to hit because the enemies are to the sides rather than right in front of it.

Mission 1: Go past the third checkpoint and hold onto the right rail. You will see a couple of beetles floating in mid-air - homing attack them, then the Gold Beetle that appears at the end.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: From the start, take the rockets to the very top of the ARK. From where the last rocket puts you, glide around past one platform, then when you can see the Mystic Melody platform in the distance, aim out towards it and the Gold Beetle will appear near there.
Mission 5: Currently unknown...

Mission 1: From the start, move forward and float up to the next platform, and the next one, and then skip everything over to the left and go to the next one too. This platform should have six green targets and a Hornet. Jump off this platform to the left and hover around until the Gold Beetle appears.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: After the second checkpoint, spindash jump over to the floating drums in mid-air. The Gold Beetle can be found at the end of the drums.
Mission 5: Same place.

Mission 1: As Sonic, just before you go onto the Kool-Aid slide. If you stop time beforehand, it won't disappear.
Mission 5: Same place.
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