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Bumped Blaze’s theoretical max up to 610, WOO!

Sweet ass phone vid of mah DSi

Preview said the video link was invalid when I tried to embed the video itself >_> so anyway, I’m just pumped right now cuz a few weeks ago, I managed to pull off a backtracking trick with Blaze on Hidden Island 16 (y’know, the Leaf Storm 1 clone) that I’ve thought for years was 100% impossible to do, and that video showcases a 570 rings run I did tonight with that new trick, allowing Blaze to collect every stage ring and still reach all the random ring boxes, finishing with ring box values that would’ve yielded only a 550 run with the old route, making tying my 570 and setting a new WR of 590 much more reasonable to obtain… if I don’t get it first, lol.

Theoretically, 610 is possible, if you want to try and beat the 0.16% odds of four 50s happening…

Again, I doubt anyone really cares, but as a man who lives for this shit, I wanted to share this somewhere besides just YouTube, so here I am. Also, I’m lowkey thinking about picking up a 3DS and the Sonic Boom games to give those a shot.
Breaking the same searchlight in White Acropolis is not allowed, as noted in the Competition Rules.

That was something we all knew wouldn't fly, when we scoured that game for rules 13 years ago.
Hey guys, I know discord is the biggest place to create messages on TSC, but I was just wondering.

I recently did a Sonic SA in White Acropolis On Normal and I destroyed the same searchlights over and over again in Sonic’s last section.

Is this run cheating or not, please respond, I need help.
Wikkity! / Re: God I love the official Sonic Twitter.
« Last post by arcfx1985 on April 25, 2019, 07:35:50 PM »
Oh man. I was not expecting that ending at all.
I didn't consider a freestyle option like it exists for some other games which is actually a good idea for that case if wanting to keep old stats.
You are also right about the fact that people update their games when they can + new people buying the game now will probably only have the last version as well which leads to only a very few players keeping the previous versions. I suppose that number of players being far too low to be worth splitting the charts. The chart for the old versions may never have entries on it.

If keeping only a single chart, I'm still clueless about what to do with the old stats. Some obvious ones won't have their places anymore on it, but that's not the case for all of them.
Okay I see what you mean here.

Shows ring stats:

It's probably an issue with DirGen due to the category ordering. I'll see if this can be fixed.

EDIT: Simply rerunning DirGen fixed it. I guess that works.
I mean when you click on my ring stats for Fire and Ice it shows that I did not post anything for the level.
Also when you click on my boss times it shows my ring stats for some reason.
I would make the wild guess that hosting a download for those versions would not be legal. The consoles may require hacking to get v1.00 or v1.03 anyway, if at all possible and I think steam requires the user to have purchased the game. I still do not know that downgrading works for users that purchased the game after the v1.05 update.

If the charts were split between old versions and new versions, should the old charts have any weight toward sitewide points? The same sort of idea as the freestyle charts in various games. This still leaves a few levels where a specific version, v1.00, would dominate the chart which would need an additional split. I think they should not count if competing on those charts ends up only accessible to players that already have those versions.

This brings me to my next thought of: is it worth making a mess of the charts to host competition in versions that may not get activity with new version charts up? I just think years from now, most people that have the game would only have the current version. This is the biggest conflict I have with complicating the charts by keeping old stats up versus removing stats to have a clean set of charts that is easy to access. The turnout for feedback has been low, which makes picking a solution more difficult.
I see comments for your ring submissions in both Sonic Boom 3DS games here.
Thanks for putting charts up for the Boom games by the way. there's seems to be some bugs with the ring stats, I can't see my comment for my ra for any ras I did for the game so far.
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