Secret Plant 2 Score inconsistencies (Sonic Pocket Adventure)


Author Topic: Secret Plant 2 Score inconsistencies (Sonic Pocket Adventure)  (Read 2110 times)

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Secret Plant 2 Score inconsistencies (Sonic Pocket Adventure)
« on: February 26, 2015, 06:23:42 PM »
I have noticed some real inconsistencies with the score in this level after doing some analysis.
There are 6 enemies in this level, and each enemy gives you 100 points. The boss gives 1k points. This adds up to 1.6k.
Completing the level in under 4 minutes gives you 1k points.
There are 276 rings in the level that are obtainable in one go, giving 27600.
This adds up to 30200 points.
However, there are inconsistencies that lead me to believe that you can get more points.
First, the record is 30700.
Second, . In this video, SB gets 1700 points from the level and only kills FOUR of the six enemies.
I do not know any other way to get points from levels in this game other than killing enemies/bosses, and I do not understand how the record is possible or how SB got 1700 points from the level.
Anyone have anything?
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