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Predictions for 2015!!!


Author Topic: Predictions for 2015!!!  (Read 245020 times)

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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #180 on: December 16, 2014, 09:48:20 pm »
My Predictions:

1.) The Kid will "Quit" Sonic Unleashed
2.) Actually get below 1:56 on planet wisp with skills
3.) Sub 2:10 on same stage with no skills
4.)Actually start learning Advance 3
5.)Another Technique in Heroes will be discovered after Bop Boosting
6.) Start all Modern Stages SS on Generations
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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #181 on: December 18, 2014, 01:39:27 pm »
My predictions for 2015 are as follows:

1) Hyper will get a 0 point championship on S4EM.
2) I'll drag my S2-13 percentage up to 85%.
3) I'll try to get into a 3D Sonic game and get obliterated.
4) I will get top 150 site-wide.
5) Talon will do something cool.
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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #182 on: December 23, 2014, 07:15:59 pm »
My predictions:                                                                                                                                                                    1) Super start to the year by breaking 3 sa2b records, all on the same level and all on the same day.              2) Get 4th place overall on sa2b maybe 3rd by the end of the year.

Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #183 on: December 23, 2014, 11:31:30 pm »
1. I will learn sonic advance 2+3 and finish the IL table
2. Get good at all three advance games
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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #184 on: December 24, 2014, 05:16:59 am »
1.Get in top 20 worldwide.
2.Get in orange zone in Sonic Heroes, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3.
3.Get in Yellow zone in Sonic '06, Shadow the Hedgehog and probably in Sonic Unleashed PS3/360.
4.Get first place in Sonic Lost World 3DS (or at least get to Orange Zone).
5.Get rid of at least 300 AntiRecords.
6.Get in Green Zone in Sonic 4 Episode I, II Metal, Sonic 1 13, Sonic CD 11, Sonic Generations and Sonic Triple Trouble.
7.Buy Rush, Rush Adventure and Colors DS and get to at least Green Zone.
8.Be happy untill someone wrecks all of this.
9.Cry sadly.

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Re: Predictions for 2014!!!
« Reply #185 on: December 31, 2014, 09:23:20 am »
FocusSight saying Happy New Year 11 hours early reminded me that I'm running out of time to post this.

Added some notes to last year's predictions:

Personal (In some ways these are targets as well as predictions):
- Top 5 sitewide (no I'm not crazy), although it's been played down that I can make it crazier things have happened to me on TSC 4th (Left it late though!)
- Overtake Hyper sitewide, for some reason I feel satisified knwoing I'm ahead of such a good all round played, who's imo of a similar level to me, just that we both excel in different games. For a period this happened, however he returned fire with his 690 in 69, which regained his lead
- I will get the Sonic 3 championship Was reclaimed by SDM a few times, but I still have it quite comfortably
- I will attempt to get the Colours championship, and perhaps for a period have it, however DsS will come back and get it, mainly by filling in ring attacks and improving scores.Still haven't finished this game yet, and unless I seriously improve my times, this isn't going to happen
-  Someone will take the Lost World 3DS championship from me (I suspect Zip will be the challenger), however I will still strive to keep it above 80% Yep, Zip did take it from me, but I didn't bother to keep it at 80%
- I'll compete in a Sonic car racing game, either ASRT, SASAR, or Sonic Drift 1/2 I competed in Drift 1, and got a full chart, and did a little competition in Drift 2, getting 2 records in the process!
- I'll reach 600 records I did reach about 630 records at one point iirc, but have now dropped down to 587, mainly due to Flyingfox taking alot of my S1GBA time records, and S1-13 score records.
- I'll get Sonic 1-13 to 80% and Sonic 3D Blast to 80% Sonic 1-13 was at about 60% at it's highest, and Sonci 3D Blast was comfortably above 80%
- In addition to all games previously mentioned (bar the racing games), I'll get two more games to red overall. I got both Sonic 4 Episode Metal and Sonic 1 GBA to red, as well as taking Sonic %& Knuckles into red, and then to Platinum
- I'll get back to race nights I raced when I could, but they stopped

- Don won't get Colours to red before 2014 is up. He didn't (57%)
- Infersaime will manage to break into the top 50 sitewide 36th
- Colours will get 100 competitors 103 competitors
- HyperSonic will get 500 sitewide points, and maybe squeeze into the top 5 (if I'm not already there:P) He did a bit more than "just squeeze in",  reaching well over 700 site points, and reaching 2nd place
- Flyingfox will finally decide to ring attack Sky High 1 (S2GG) and will take the championship, thus making it back to the top 10 She STILL hasn't done it!
- SDM will return to competition a little He did, reclaiming the Sonci 3 champ a few times, and improving ring stats.
- Someone will be unbanned Nope

2015 predictions
-Top 3 sitewide
-700 site points
-650 records
-25 leaderships
-Finish Colours off, and take the Scores leadership, and take colours to 80%
- Reach at least 80% for: Sonic 2 (GG), SG3DS, Sonic Advance
-Compete and get a near full chart for either SADX, SA2B, Heroes or Shadow the Hedgehog
-2300 stats submitted

-Hyper will reach 850 site points
-FF will do Sky High 2 rings
-Infersaime will get top 20
-An inactive member will return and compete a bit
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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #186 on: January 03, 2015, 05:18:51 am »
I'll be that inactive member who's returning and competing a bit.

Even though it's technically 2015 already, I haven't made any progress towards this next prediction, so I'll go ahead and post it:

12) (or whatever number is after the predictions I made earlier):
I will get to top 125 sitewide (currently 143rd).  I will not get to top 100 because I don't play enough games (and I'm not good enough at the ones I do play).
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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #187 on: December 30, 2018, 07:00:58 pm »
Predictions for 2019:

- TSC will not survive this year
- SRC will finally die

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Re: Predictions for 2015!!!
« Reply #188 on: January 09, 2019, 09:35:13 pm »
I'm okay with SRC dying, raise your hands TSC!


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