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Other Swanky Sites

The GHZ - The only general Sonic site worth linking to. Nobody does it better.

Sonic 3 Time Attack - FoxLuc's site, and the authoritative resource before TSC. Still has the most no-BS in-depth analysis anywhere.

One of the oldest competition sites on the Net, they deal with Perfect Dark & GoldenEye. They're pretty hardcore about what they do.

Super something - Schizophrenic site that doesn't seem to quite know what it is yet, but ranks the Monkey Ball games at present. Recently redesigned to have an even more impenetrable interface.

NiD Scores - A new (Feb 06) NiGHTS competition site. Looks pretty swanky, tho spartan.

CyberScore - Generic rankings on a bunch of newer games. Useful if there isn't a more comprehensive resource available.

Think another site deserves to be here? Let us know.

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